Design valuable
Services & Collaboration.

For your client and your organization.
No business works without brilliant SERVICE.
Service without brilliant COLLABORATION is nothing but a word.

SUCCESS is all about valuable SERVICES & COLLABORATION -
with your client and within your company.

Let's design and implement it.
In a unique way to make more of what is already there.
Feel and trust intuition. Think over with a sharp mind. Act with ease and precision.
Business Psychology |
Systemic thinking | Agility.

Do you feel your clients desire and needs?
Do they get what they are asking for?

Look at your services, collaboration, structures and processes from different perspectives.

Change what needs to be changed.
Extend what is already wonderful.
Who is working with you?

Inga Wittneben
Business Psychologist
Systemic Consultant & Coach

Hi, I'm Inga. Based in beloved Hamburg, Germany, I am working as a freelance business psychologist with systemic background wherever the projects blow me to. My toolkit is my intuition, creativity, openness and my analytical mind.

In global companies I gained professional experience as an external and internal consultant and coach for cultural change management, team- and organizational development and management diagnostics. Working with leaders and project managers on individual, team and organizational level for 8+ years, I am always diving deep into the core of everything.

Understanding cultures of teams and organizations, different characters of collaboration, intrinsic motivations and the way, strategies, processes and structures are influencing the way we deliver services is fascinating me.
My passion is to design with you something great out of what is already there.
Inga Wittneben | Business Psychologist for Service & Collaboration Design | |
+ 49 177 233 21 98 | Hamburg
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